Hi! My name is Shruti, and I’m a Migraine and Mental Health advocate. I’m the creator of ChronicallyMeh and OnVisibility (a podcast I cohost with my beautiful friends Bernadette and CarmenRose). If you live with chronic and/or mental illness, you are in the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about me.

I grew up in Southern India and moved to Canada in 2019 with my husband, daughter and a very sleepy beagle. I remember having my first Migraine attacks when I was 6 years old. I was diagnosed at 13. Growing up with Migraine was challenging, and it impacted my education, career, relationships and overall life in ways I didn’t even expect. During the pandemic, I met a whole new world of invisible illness education and a community that understood my experience. It’s been quite the journey finding a way back to self.

It took all my life to understand the disease for what it is, and also find support and validation. I am still working on unpacking a lot of internalized ableism, unlearning harmful patterns and healing. Honestly, I’m grateful for this brain and how it’s wired because it showed me how to slow down, prioritize myself, focus on the things that bring me joy, and also helped me find amazing people in the world. I created this space to make a difference, by validating and supporting people, and helping them feel less alone on their healing journey.