Hi! I’m Shruti.
You can call me S. 

I am a daughter, wife, mom, dog mom, and a content marketer, living with chronic migraine, anxiety, depression, mood disorder and chronic fatigue.

For the longest time, I felt very alone in my illness. I felt like I had nobody who understood. All those things in this letter I wrote to you, I felt. Depression and anxiety just got worse. I lost my confidence, self-esteem, passion, motivation, imagination and everything you can think of. The stress triggered more pain.

Honestly, I felt trapped and stuck like I couldn’t move but also like there was nowhere that I could actually go. I couldn’t see a future anymore. That terrified me. 

Finally, I found a support group on Facebook and I realized “Oh! So other people feel this way too!” But there was more. I saw how many people were being held hostage by depression. I read about people who took their own life because they felt alone. I met people who are seeking medical assistance in dying because they are not able to get help anywhere.

I know that sense of isolation. I know when you feel like you can’t live like this another day. I was just existing in my pain until I found people who shared my journey. It dawned on me, that we can do anything if we just have someone who relates. Someone who can understand without us having to explain. 

I created an Instagram page and began sharing my journey and the truth about living with chronic and mental illness. It helped hundreds of people find comfort. I want to show you that you can indeed LIVE with it. Not survive. Not exist. LIVE.

Chronically Meh is your community, built with empathy, honesty and strength (warrior level). It is also a place where you discover products and figure out what fits best for you, even if it is to get you through one bad day. 

Yes it is possible. And I’m with you. 

The question is, are you with me?