As someone who’s lived with Migraine for a long, long, long time, I’ve tried countless remedies and treatments to alleviate my pain. From over-the-counter medications to herbal teas and everything in between, I’ve spent years searching for that elusive solution. So, when I first heard about Cefaly – a nifty little gadget designed to prevent and treat Migraine – I was equal parts skeptical and hopeful. Today, I want to share my honest, detailed, and (hopefully) fun review of this fascinating device.

First Impressions

When I unboxed my Cefaly for the first time (and this was the OG Cefaly dual), I was intrigued by the whole vintage design. It almost felt like something the Jetsons would use. Honestly, I loved it. It felt like I was about to embark on a sci-fi adventure! The device itself is lightweight and unobtrusive, which I appreciated, as I didn’t want to feel weighed down while using it. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, which was a relief for my already throbbing head.

Getting Started

Setting up the Cefaly was surprisingly simple. All I had to do was apply the electrode to my forehead, making sure it was properly aligned, and then attach the device. I’ll admit, I felt a little like a cyborg with it on, but in a cool, “I’m-about-to-conquer-my-pain” kind of way. Cefaly Dual versions come with two modes: Acute and Preventive. The acute mode runs for 60 minutes and the preventive for 20 minutes. They recommend using both modes, especially the preventive as it is said to make a significant difference in Migraine frequency and intensity.

The First Session

The moment of truth arrived when I pressed the button to begin my first session. As the gentle tingling sensation began, I couldn’t help but feel both intrigued and slightly nervous. But within minutes, I was pleasantly surprised. The sensation was oddly soothing, like a gentle head massage, and I found myself feeling more relaxed than I had in days. I could go up to full intensity, and it felt like a thousand mini-hands massaging my head on the inside. I was left with some residual buzzing on my scalp which wore off after an hour.

The Results

Over the next few weeks, I continued to use the Cefaly as directed. While it didn’t completely eliminate my pain, I did notice a significant reduction in the intensity of my Migraine attacks. For the first time in years, I felt like I had some control over my pain, and that was an incredible feeling. And, I could find that relief while in bed, with ice pack on, and no lights.

Latest Version

I have the new Cefaly Connected now. And it has a very futuristic design compared to the OG. It is also Bluetooth enabled, and connects to CeCe Migraine Management app. You can track your Cefaly sessions as well as Migraine symptoms on the app. You can download information to share with your doctor. The device is more powerful than the OG version *and more stylish). I absolutely love it. It’s not every day that you get to wear a gadget like this on your head, I feel like I am channeling my inner superhero every time I use it. I love how I can switch between Wonder Woman 1984 to the present day Wonder Woman.

The Verdict

Buy. Cefaly has made a significant difference in my life. The device is easy to use, surprisingly comfortable, and it reminds me to take time off for selfcare every day. If you’re looking for a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option for Migraine, I’d highly recommend giving the Cefaly Connected a try. Your inner superhero will thank you and so will your brain!

The Price

Cefaly Connected retails at USD 424. I had to save up for a whole year to buy my first Cefaly device. I understand that it can be on the expensive side for most people.

Thankfully, you can pay in installments using Affirm, and they have a 90-day money back guarantee that allows you to try the device and return if it is doesn’t help you.

You can get 15% discount with my affiliate code CHRONICALLYMEH or link. Cefaly also runs a lot of offers and promotions. Combine my code with their existing promotion (and trade-in your old device) to get a higher discount on your purchase.

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