How could I possibly understand what you are going through?

How could I possibly understand what you are going through?

Dear You,

Your grades dropped. You had to quit jobs. You take a lot of days off to deal with your pain.

You cancel plans so many times that people just leave you out of everything.

You’ve lost friends. Your family gives you the eyeroll if you say that you are sick.

You’ve missed out on so many things in life: being a child, being wild, being you. You don’t recognize the person in the mirror. You don’t remember who you used to be. You don’t even know whether you will ever be just YOU.

You find it hard to just get off that bed and get through the day. You feel exhausted from saying “I’m fine”, pushing even when you are breaking, and faking normalcy (whatever that means!). When the night comes, you are anxious about having to do it all again tomorrow.

Everyone says you just have to “live with it”. While really, you aren’t even surviving. You are barely even existing. You feel alone. You feel like nobody understands. You feel like this world is not yours.

Well, why don’t we make it ours?

There’s no manual for living with chronic or mental illness. So let’s just write it together for each other.


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